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R.K. Associates (RKA)

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R.K Associates Valuer’s & Techno Engineering Consultants (P) Ltd., established in 1985, stands as a leading and trusted name in the Indian valuation and techno engineering sector. Operating as a "Centre of Excellence," we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled valuation and reporting services in line with International Valuation Standards. Our expertise spans a wide range of services, including valuation, techno engineering, detailed project reports, consulting engineering, project monitoring, and certification. With a PAN India presence and over 35 years of experience, we are distinguished by our in-house developed ERP tools, a team of 75+ experts, and associations with 50+ industry consultants. Our focus industries include real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, and more, making us a key player in the realm of valuation and techno engineering.


Established in 1985, R.K Associates Valuer’s & Techno Engineering Consultants (P) Ltd. has evolved into a leading and highly trusted entity in the Indian valuation and techno engineering landscape. With a proud legacy of over 35 years, we have consistently provided top-notch services that align with the highest industry standards, placing us among the most respected firms in the field.

Functioning as a "Centre of Excellence," our core competency lies in delivering world-class valuation and reporting services, adhering rigorously to International Valuation Standards. We take immense pride in our ability to empower clients with informed and strategic business decisions through our specialized and detailed project reports. These reports are not only comprehensive but also error-free, a hallmark of our commitment to quality.

Our service portfolio encompasses a diverse array, including valuation, techno engineering, detailed project reports, consulting engineering, project monitoring, and certification services. This comprehensive approach allows us to cater to a wide spectrum of organizations across the country, including real estate projects, hospitality, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more.

With a PAN India presence, our 10 offices in 6 different states, coupled with associations with over 50 consultants and industry experts, reinforce our commitment to providing unparalleled services. The strength of our team lies in the amalgamation of 75+ engineering and finance experts, along with 50+ associate consultants specializing in various industrial domains. These professionals bring years of experience in evaluating and assessing large and complex assets, setting us apart in the industry.

Our dedication to maintaining effective control systems and ensuring the highest quality is evident through our in-house developed ERP tools, namely the Valuation Intelligent System (VIS) and Integrated Project Monitoring System (IPMS). These tools enhance our efficiency and contribute to the precision and reliability of our services.

Our proficiency extends across diverse industries, including real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, power, manufacturing, banking, and services. We take pride in being recognized as a Panel Valuer for around 22 public sector banks/ PSUs and other financial institutions, a testament to our credibility and reliability.

In conclusion, R.K Associates Valuer’s & Techno Engineering Consultants (P) Ltd. proudly positions itself as one of the finest and fastest emerging valuation and techno engineering consultants in India. Our commitment to quality, industry expertise, and standards at par with international consultancy organizations have propelled us to the forefront, making us the preferred choice for clients seeking excellence in the valuation and techno engineering domain.

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