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Share for a Child is an Aadhavan Foundation initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to child welfare. Our vision is to cherish and safeguard every child, considering them the foundation of human life. We believe in nurturing and protecting the most precious gift of the universe—children.


WHY AADHAVAN FOUNDATION As parents, we're blessed to provide for our child's development, but not everyone has the same privilege. Aadhavan Foundation is a platform for families who want to contribute to underprivileged children's welfare and society.

VISION To empower every child with basic facilities, food, and learning opportunities for a brighter future.

AIM unites privileged families to collectively contribute to child development, making it a part of everyday life.

OBJECTIVE Aadhavan Foundation is dedicated to child welfare, focusing on health, education, and overall development, including setting up care centers, reducing malnutrition, and fostering family bonds. Let's join hands for the betterment of every child and our nation.

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